Lightning in 1981

In addition to working on old photos for the Los Angeles Times, I am slowing going through my old images. In July 1981, a good summer storm was brewing west of Naples, Florida in the Gulf of Mexico. I set up my tripod and did several long exposures. This one is my favorite.

Waterlogue meets Brushstrokes

For over a month I've been cranking out images using the water color app Waterlogue. Then this last week I was put on the Brushstrokes - another paint effect image app. My first look at Brushstrokes was only so-so. It has a good collection of effects and controls, but nothing stuck out to me.

Then I played with Brushstrokes after running a couple images through Waterlogue. These two images, above and below are my first attempts and I'm happy with the results.

The photo above taken in July, 1997, in Crawford Nebraska. Used Waterlogue Fashionable then Brushstroke washed W6 and Twos calm.

The photo below was taken in 1985 in Hawaii. I used Waterlogue fashionable large followed by Brushstroke frayed f2 and heavy amber.


The Great Los Angeles Air Raid


Saturday search lights, fireworks and anti-aircraft fire lit up the sky over San Pedro during the annual Great Los Angeles Air Raid. This was my third visit to the fund-raising event at Fort MacArthur. So with cameras at the ready, I shot away.

On Sunday I had hundreds of frames to edit down. Out of these I posted 37 to a flickr set 2014 Great Los Angeles Air Raid. The photo above is of a jeep mounted 50-mm machine gun firing blanks during the battle reenactment.

Back in February, 1942, the entire West Coast was nervous – expecting Japanese attacks. On the night of Feb. 24-35, a rumored attack led to searchlights turned on and firing of over a thousand rounds of anti-aircraft shells. Of course, there was no attack.

Beatlemania comes to Los Angeles


Sunday is the 50th anniversary of the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. So of course, I had to put together a large photo gallery of images taken by Los Angeles Times photographers. The Beatles performed at the Hollywood Bowl in August 1964 and 1965. In August of 1966 they performed at Dodger Stadium.

By the looks of the images in this 25-photo gallery, Los Angeles barely survived. Luckly for LA, the Beatles quit touring and stuck to the recording studio after the 1966 tour.

Before the Aug. 23, 1964 performance at the Hollywood Bowl, Times staff photographer John Malmin took individual portraits of many of the young fans. He turned in a six-photo combo of single images. After I scanned the images, I put together my favorite four images, above.

Link to Beatlemania arrives in Los Angeles photo gallery.

More Waterlogue


Many of my recent pic-a-days have been done using the Waterlogue iOS app. Above is a photo taken in April 2013 at Alien Jerky Shop in Baker, California – after given the Waterlogue treatment. For this version, I used the Fashionable large preset.

Waterlogue Presidents


Waterlogue is a new photo iOS app that applies turns images into watercolor paintings — well at least images with a good watercolor effect. It's from Tinrocket, the makers of Percolator and Popsicolor, two other apps I like and keep on my iPad.

Over the last couple of weeks, I've been running several of my images through Waterlogue and really like the effect. Above are three images from last year's Presidents' Day event at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

Waterlogue has 12 presets, four quality setting, five brightness setting and choice of border or no border. The one tip I missed early on was the quality settings. They are labeled small, medium, large and giant. These labels sound like file sizes, but actually they control the amount of detail kept in the image.

One small bug, I am often seeing small black or other color vertical lines in my final images. If I redo the image with the same settings, the lines often disappear.

For examples of Waterlogue, check out the flickr group: Waterlogue.

Alumni Game

Waterlogue is a new photography app for the iPhone/iPad that applies a watercolor painting effect to images. Its from Tinrocket, the makers of Percolator and Popsicolor, two other apps I keep on my iPad. Over the last couple weeks, I've been running several of my old images through and really like the results.

Above are three image

Holiday Lights 2013


Well it's Christmas Day. I may be done shooting holiday decorations and lights for this season. But then again this fun stuff is left up another week.

Here is my flickr set Holiday Decorations 2013. Currently it has 69 photos.

Happy Holidays!


Giant Rudolf

A giant inflatable Rudolf is the star holiday decoration at this home on Walter Ave., in Newbury Park.

Nativity scene at Old City Plaza

Photo taken this evening of the Nativity scene at Old City Plaza in downtown Los Angeles. Photo taken with panorama feature on iPhone camera app.

Happy Holidays!